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 Permaculture Garden Book Page

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Chicken Tractor We are pleased to bring out the All New Straw Bale edition of Chicken Tractor. This expanded edition has 320 pages, full of new chicken tractor models including how to build a straw bale chicken hut to use alone or in combination with your tractors to winter your layers. The new edition also includes raising turkey, guinea hens and pheasants.We are hearing a lot from folks who are now raising chickens (hens only no roosters) in suburbia - in a way they are better than dogs, no barking, their manure fertilizes the garden and they provide fresh, organic eggs for their owners.

 Introduction to Permaculture
by Reny Mia Slay (Contributor), B. C. Mollison Excellent introduction to the science of Permaculture. This book has lots of ideas for you to start your own design to the permaculture world.

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Permaculture : A Designers' Manual
by: B. C. Mollison, Reny Mia Slay
  Permaculture : A Designers' Manual! An inspiring book! For those of us searching for an ecologically responsible lifestyle amid urban and suburban insanity, Bill Mollison has a real and exciting answer. This book is full of helpful advice presented in a very readable way. (The only problem might be getting stuck in the chapters on climates that don't concern you; just skip them until later!) The groundwork philosophy of permaculture is laid first, and the book moves from there to the practical business of actually designing one. The emphasis is on letting various plant and animal species work together as much as possible, to form a basically self-sustaining system from which people can reap a continual harvest, not only of food, but of interest and self-respect. What a prospect! It is certainly a very different one from what we young people have been taught to expect from life! This volume is much more complete in both the philosophy and the practice than were the original "Permaculture One" and "Permaculture Two." It is also much less focused on the Southern Hemisphere, which is helpful for North Americans trying to visualize their own permaculture. I can only hope that more people happen upon this book as I did and are themselves inspired to create a fulfilling life for themselves and their children.

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 Forest Gardening : Cultivating an Edible Landscape

by: Robert A. De J. Hart

Forest Gardening: A panoramic view of an ecologically based farm/food system. The author believes harmony (peace) on this planet is highly correlated with an approach to gardening that recognizes the value of plants and all living things. He blends history, philosophy,and anthropology together as he talks about plants, vegetables, herbs, nuts, animals,and trees. He offers practical ways in dealing with "natural" problems associated with farming. Best part of the book is his Appendixes where he lists drought resistant plants, wetland plants, sun loving herbs, shade loving herbs, etc. He provides an excellent bibliography.
The author loves this planet. This is a thoughtful essay on the proper relationship of human beings to animals and plants on this planet. Click here for Price Check

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