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Garden Soil Amendments
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Innovative Growing Solutions. IGS can provide you witheverything you need to maximize your indoor garden.
You can find Grow Lights, Organics, Nutrients, hydroponic systems, soils, LED grow lights, and much much more!
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The Only West Coast Supplier of LED Grow Lights. The efficent and cost effective way to garden indoors. Digital Ballasts to control your grow lights are available to make growing more efficient then ever.
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West Coast . Spinning Grow Lights, Digital Ballasts and much more! Spinning your grow light mixes the bulbs spectrums to simulate the sun like not other grow light can.
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Pet Safe Fertilizers
Providing only natural, non-toxic fertilizer products, soil amendments,
information and consultation necessary for organically grown healthy plants, maximum crop results, and a Clean Green Earth!
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At Rootgrow®, we have created a biological soil amendment that can transform virtually any soil into a fertile forest floor.
We have isolated and cultured the most effective players in the soil biology game - indigenous bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes. We have also added a diverse range of both endo and ecto mycorrhizae spores, as well as sea kelp and liquid humus, which serve as food to help grow and sustain the microbial diversity in the soil.
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79 Gazza Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735

AmPac Biotech Home Page
AmPac Biotech manufactures and markets an organic, all natural plant growth promoter that has natural beneficial fungicidal properties called Plant Helper.
You will be protecting your plants from harmful soil borne pathogens while promoting the health and vigor of your plants. Targeting the Root of all your planting problems.
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1380 N Abby, Fresno, California 93703

Flowerville Farms
Unique, rare and beautiful flowering and ornamental plants for gardeners and perenial collectors.
Come see what we got growin' on!
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11909 Nicholson Rd., Perry, MI 48872

Casa Verde Garden Supply & Hydroponics
We carry indoor lighting systems, hydroponic systems, organic nutrients,
books, magazines, soilless mixes, soils, pH meters, odor control, pest control, rockwool, greenhouses ect.
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726 Fredericksburg Rd. San Antonio, TX 78201

M. D. Vaden Trees & Landscapes
Oregon Landscape and Tree Service.
Website provides tree care advice for homeowners. Services include design, planting, pruning, aerating and feeding with mycorrhizal fungi.
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Your source for coconut coir and polymer crystals.
Web site provides technical information on coir applications as well as helpful gardening links. Phone: (952)-250-8253
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Caribbean Gardening, 6000 Arbour Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55436

Hydroasis Hydroponics and Gardening Superstore

Leaders in hydroponic and organic gardening. Serious selection of grow lights, hydroponic systems, soils, fertilizers, stimulants, CO2, environmental controls and knowledge. Secure online catalog for hydroponic, hobby greenhouse and indoor garden supplies. We match prices and ship everywhere. Phone:(323)653-GROW Toll Free:(888)355-GROW Fax:(323)653-0569
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5859 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Sundine Enterprises, Inc.
Isolite, porous ceramic - permanent soil amendment,
either stand-alone or mixed with soil, to permanently alter the porosity in the soil. Humic acid available in granular or water-soluble form. For orchids, bonsai, containers, houseplants, etc. Phone: 303-423-8669
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Pepper Joe's Hot Pepper & Tomato Seed Catalog
Pepper Joe's specializes in rare and unusual Hot Pepper & Tomato seeds.
Also Hot sauces and gift idead for the home gardener. FREE Newsletter "Chile News & Views" with everything about Hot Peppers and gardening. Also send your netfriends FREE dancing Pepper-Postcards. They'll love them!!
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1650 Pembrooke Rd., Norristown, Pa. 19403

Dirt Cheap Organics
Purveyors of quality organic fertilizers and amendments,
natural pest controls, beneficial insects and seeds, including cover crop seeds.Free catalog upon request. Phone: (415) 454-8278
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3070 Kerner Boulevard, Unit T, San Rafael, CA 94901
Dakota Blue Worms
We grow and sell a mixture of 3 species of red worms GREAT for composting!
You will be amazed to see them devour your garbage and turn it into beautiful rich compost, safe and nutritious for all your garden plants. Phone: 912-759-1719
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P O Box 765, Albany GA 31702

Home Harvest® Garden Supply Online
Consumer-friendly, secure online catalog for organic, hydroponic, hobby greenhouse, container and indoor garden supplies.
Shipping worldwide since 1988. BizRate Customer Certified Gold Site.
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3712 Eastern AvenueBaltimore, MD 21224 wholesales hydroponics and organic growing systems, remote, self-contained and greenhouse plant lighting systems,
hydroponics and soil fertilizers and nutrients, metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent and incandescent grow lamps, growing mediums and other gardening products. Fax: (330) 963-6701 Phone: (888) 258-0670
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9140 Ravenna Rd. Unit 7, Twinsburg, OH 44087

kal pac organic growers
premium organic fertilizer! ideal for home/garden. no chemicals. all natural, gentle. 
re-sealable zip-lock 15 lb. bags. Phone: 1-866-525-7221 
Web Site: E-mail :
32090 allen av , Hemet, Ca 92545
Garden All Year

Excellent selecetion of organic and hydroponic garden supplies. Fertilizers, Pest Controls, Bat Guanos, and more for your organic garden. Hydroponic supplies including systems, nutrients, pH controls, rockwool and grow lights. Shop here and garden all year!
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21251 N 1050th St, West York, IL 62478

Super Hydro offering the lastest in Hydroponics

Super Hydro is a website designed to fulfill every need of the indoor hydroponic hobbyist. Carrying grow lights, pH test kits, plant nutrients and hydroponic systems. Hydroponics fun and much more
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Grow Joe, Inc.

Coffee Fertilizer products. Liquid, powder, and biodegradable pots made from used, neutralized coffee grounds. Only one of it\'s kind. Tested effective by PSU and Grandma!
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